Saturday, April 19, 2008

One last thing today...

For all of you CCHS alumni out there who graduated roughly around the time that I did, you probably remember the lady in the cafeteria who would ask you, "Plain or Jelly?" or maybe "You want corn?" or even, "You want beans?"

Well, guess what?

That house (as viewed through my laundry room window)? That's where Plain or Jelly lives! She is my next door neighbor!!! Yes! I have visions of inviting her over for lunch one day for chili and sandwiches, just so I can ask her, "Plain or jelly?" It may never happen, but, wow, I am entertained by the sheer thought of it!

(Plain or Jelly is actually B. Miller's and J. Biddle's grandma, and I am sure she is a very nice no way do I mean this blog entry as an insult to her...rather, it is more of a tribute to the lady who made lunchtime so special. -ME)

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