Friday, April 4, 2008

So I Lied

I didn't get around to blogging over Spring Break. I got some news last week that I won a grant to go to Japan in October, so I have been a bit scatter-brained lately. Of course, I am EXTREMELY excited about going to Japan, and excited about the house too, but there is just all of this stuff going on and no time to blog! (BTW, want to follow the Mick in Japan action? will get you there) But, here it is, 6 in the morning, and I can't sleep, so I am going to go ahead and tour you through some of the other parts of the house. It's going to be quick, and right now I am just going to show you the "before" pics...I will post some updates later.

Just so you has come a LONG way on the house. At this moment, all surface repair has been done, and two rooms have been wallpapered. Mom and I did some painting. The house is MUCH farther along than what you are going to see in these pictures. I anticipate being able to move soon. But, as time seems to not be working well with me, I will probably be in the house before I get around to blogging the rest of the progress. But, it will get done!!!

Without any further ado, then...

When you are in the living room, near the front door, and you look west, you will see the room that will become my office. It is accessed through this cool little archway. Someday it might bother me that this isn't a door, but it's give me a reason to build a Hobbit-like door, straight outta Lord of the Rings! Eh, probably not.

I do like how the windows look out over the front porch. There is a lot of light in this room, and hopefully I will get more work accomplished at the computer in that room than what I am accomplishing here! Mel told me that I can have her hide-a-bed couch in her old house's basement (dude, you rock), so when you come to visit, this will be your room!

I think I have told you about the closets. Whew. Scary. Take a look.

Another view...this is the ceiling...

This is where half of my clothing will be hanging. I think you can see why I want to have it fixed!!

Leaving from the office, we reach the hallway.

Just so you at the end is my bedroom. First door on right is the laundry room, second is the potty. The door on the left leads to the dining room. Congrats! At this point you have a rough layout of my enitre house! Draw your own map, just for fun!

The hallway looks much better in this picture than it is. The paper is really dark. Like all of the paper, it is getting replaced. As is all rooms, the ceiling has been done here. And it looks fantastic. I'm pretty pleased with it!

Into the laundry room...

The laundry room is technically another bedroom, but as there was already a washer and dryer hookup here, it was thought best to go ahead and keep this as the laundry room. Truth is, I am more apt to do the laundry if I don't have to climb the steps to do it, so this'll work out. I like that it has hardwood floors! I just have hardwood in here and in the office, and I need to polish it up yet. In here, especially, it will be nice because this room will also have the cats' litterbox. Probably more than you wanted to know. We'll just call this the dirty room and leave it at that.

Scary closet here too, but not as bad as in the office!

The ceiling in this one isn't NEARLY as harmful to my clothing, but it still got redone.

Laughing time. This is the access to my attic. This house has now been mine for two months. I have yet to go into the attic. Actually am not planning on it anytime soon. My butt is far too big for that opening!

Ah, the bathroom. Love it here. Why? Because NOTHING HAS TO BE DONE HERE. It was all just recently redone. I can actually go in here and pretend I am living in my house. Of course, I have to shut the door to get the complete visualization, and then I am stuck with the fact that I am sitting for no reason in my bathroom. This is what derranged people do.

New tub even!

Wooden toilet seat has GOT to go! I keep getting visions of splinters in not so pleasant places...

Okay, last bedroom. Believe it or not, when Mom and I were in here the other night painting, it was ridiculously dark in here. Scary dark ! This house is in town, and even with the blinds open, it's dark! I see nightlights in my future, and that saddens me greatly, as I am no fan of nightlights. But I do have a knack for falling, so nightlights will be going up!

The closet here is very small. Marty got in it the other day to illustrate whether or not you could actually hang a clotheshanger in here. The Marty-Test proved negative. My plan anyway is to put shelves up in here, so it works out the way I planned anyway!

Anyway, that completes the "before" photo tour. It's now 6:30, and I have to go take a shower to get ready for work. I will try to post some updates soon!

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