Saturday, March 8, 2008

In the beginning...

Okay, so I bought a house. This is going to be my attempt to blog what is going on with the renovations for said house. While the house has its own charm right now, as is, it does require a bit of Micky-fication and a Mick-overhaul. So, to begin with, here is what I have. I will try to keep up with this as best as I can!

The Kitchen

View from the back door. I love that sink. It is definitely old school...some would call it retro, but it's not their house, is it?

If I was the refrigerator, this would be my view. That is my new, came with house, gas stove. Little worried about the gas stove. Not necessarily about the burners, but the oven intimidates me. It's a good thing I don't cook or I would really be worried.

Not sure, but this may be my favorite part of the kitchen...the built in china cabinet. I love this thing.

View from the dining room. The door leads to the garage (my car's house) and the driveway (that's where you'll be parking). The table and chairs came with the house, and I am happy about that! The table has a drop leaf on both sides and fits perfectly in that space. If I wanted to impress the poop out of people, I would call this my breakfast nook. I'll be replacing the tablecloth and the curtains above the sink.

The house came with all kinds of treasures, one of which is this frog. It is sitting on the sink, and it will be staying on the sink, because it's just cool, darn it! I kind of hate the fact that I threw the scouring pad inside away...kind of looks like a rolled up tongue, doesn't it? Anyway, when you come to visit, you can check out the frog and various other treasures...just ask! You'll want to take the LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson salt and pepper shakers home, but they're mine. Deal.

Plans for the Kitchen
First off, tear down that yellow tile stuff. I am going to be using the same wallpaper throughout the house, so it will be going up here. In another blog I will show a picture of the wallpaper sample. White beadboard is going to go up, about three feet from the top of the baseboard. It'll be topped with narrow molding. Then the wallpaper, then a border. I also have some painting to do...baseboard, cabinets, door, etc. The ceiling will be redone. Right now there is some consideration on using ceiling tiles that look like the old tin ceilings of the past. Should look good...can't wait to see it. There is a shelf that runs between the china cabinet and the basement door which haas to come down. I definitely want to replace that, but as it isn't a top priority, that is something to do down the road. I am also considering buying a refrigerator, as I think it might be useful.


pattypop said...

Moorreeee!!! Give me MOREEEE!! I want to see the kitchen wallpaper!!! I nEEEEEEEEEEEd to see the ceiling tiles!!! You are like a cruel drug dealer!!! You gave me just enough to get me hooked and now you deny me my McFix!!! Please if you ever cared for your Sweet Aunt Patty and your poor little cousins in Dixies, GIVE ME MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!
yours truly,
Sweet Aunt Patty

Karen said...

How about some new pictures???? I want to see the progress...noisy minds want to know. Oh, I mean, people who really care about you want to know!


Alex said...

I love those kinds of sinks, too! And the frogs that sit on them.