Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ooh, look! Work is starting!

On Sunday I signed a contract to have my ceilings redone, the kitchen completely renovated, and the closets redone (you've not seen pics of those yet...you'll understand). I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited that work is beginning....anyway, here is what is going on:

First, the kitchen:

Work started yesterday (Monday). Here you can see that some of the yellow tile stuff has been removed. None of the rest of it will...apparently it could have asbestos, or at the very least, fiberglass. It is being worked over, I suppose. The plaster you see will be used to fill in the wall and make it level from the tile stuff.

Sad happenings....the little table by the stove was taken down. Moment of silence, please. I'll replace it with some type of shelf. But for now, here it is...or was, rather.

And finally, some prep work being done on the kitchen ceiling, and in my bedroom (more on that room later):

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chilort said...

Very cool. Working on a house is a great hobby. The more I do, the more I learn. I've also learned about things I'm going to let someone else do next time!