Saturday, March 8, 2008

Into the Dining Room

Okay, as you move from the kitchen into the core of the house, you first come into the dining room. Pretty much the first thing that you see is the wallpaper...

Dang. You might now see why I want to replace it. I think I could live with it, it's just that I don't want to. So, I'm not. Not sure what the time frame is on getting this replaced. There are a couple of tricky areas that need to be addressed.

This is the view from the kitchen into the dining room. The door on the left leads into the hallway, and the door on the right into the living room. There used to be French doors that led from the dining room into the living trace of them now. Would love to have them though. If you look above the door into the living room, you can see the doorbell.

Not sure how old the thing is, but it still has a nice "ding" sound to it, and it is still functional, so it will be staying. To paint or not paint? I'm taking suggestions, although all signs are pointing to leave it as is. It has a nice patina to it, if you can overlook the discoloration.

The dining room opens up into the living room. Here is how it would look if you were standing right in front of those doors.

If you looked behind and off to the corner, you would see this...which also has the worst bit of wall in the house. Definitely not looking forward to tackling that one!

Plans for the dining room:
Fix the spot in the wall (there are actually two...don't have a pic of the second spot, but it isn't nearly as bad). Put up wallpaper and fix ceilings. Compared to the kitchen, minus the tricky wall spot, shouldn't be too hard. As with all windows except for the kitchen and bathroom, I will be putting up new blinds...sometime.

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